April, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

: Lebanon native Tony Abi Saab indulges in war crimes

Terrorist groups have back of corrupt businessmen

Private contractors and firearms dealers are dominating in the war-torn countries; they are wearing down military efforts by helping terrorists with weapons and war-related amenities. One such dealer is Tony Abi Saab from Lebanon who for his own benefit risked the lives of millions of people.

The illegal arms dealer, Tony was born on 17th April 1982 to Joseph Abi Saab and his wife. He owns his father’s company Brescia Middle East which deals in guns and weaponry globally. BME was accused of bribery, fraud, and money laundering. Tony’s shell companies also defrauded 5 million dollars in contract fraud to the US Army in Afghanistan through his ghost companies—K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch.

Tony Abi Saab fuels violence and conflicts in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan by supplying weapons to terrorist organizations in exchange for huge profits. His company Tactica-Ltd and Brixia were the largest exporter of weapons and guns to the ISIS during the Syrian war. According to the US intelligence team, Tony operated all these shell companies: G2 Armory, Tactica Ltd, SIMAINT, and Brixia. The information about the location of G2 Armory was revealed through an email server that showed that both Tony and a gentleman known as “Oggie” has email accounts on the same server.

Tony has a shrewd business sense, he established shell companies in those countries where tension was either rising or already existed, for the sole purpose of earning a profit. So when ISIS invaded Syria and Iran he knew that militant groups are his ideal clients. He imported weapons to Lebanon at BME from Italian firms—Berreta and Tanfoglio, to later reroute to Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran to terrorists.

After an investigation by CIA, FBI and the US Army, Tony was finally caught and stood for trial in the US court in 2011. But, sadly, Tony, the abettor, dragged his case in the civil court and escaped the heavy jail term by pleading human rights violation, torture and tampered evidence against the US Army.

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