April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony Abi Saab, a war crime accused is traveling freely around the world without being questioned

No strict action is taken against the global arms dealer even after committing war crimes

The Middle East has long been one of the most unstable regions in the world. This instability is the result of ongoing conflicts and tensions over the past years. It is the result of poor governance, corruption, economic failures, and supply of illicit weapons to the terror groups. People like Tony Abi Saab is putting more fuel to the fire as he supplies arms and weaponry through his main company Brescia Middle East (BME) to terrorists for profit

Tony import weapons to Lebanon and supplies it to the rebel groups through his Italian firms Beretta and Tanfoglio. He has a valid license for BME for doing business except in the US where the company is banned. He also uses his shell companies as a mask to trade illegal weapons by issuing a series of fake certificates and then manipulating arms deals.

In 2011, Tony profited in 5 million USD from the US Army through his arms trade and fake contracts. To catch him a sting operation was executed by the US Army along with CIA and FBI. Tony was arrested in Afghanistan. But having well aware of the loopholes in the US laws, he didn’t serve any jail term with only a small amount of fine. He used flaws in evidence gathering processes of US law enforcement agencies, citing human rights violations against the CIA, and managed to walk out of the US civil court easily.

If Tony’ case had been fought in the US military court, he would certainly have been convicted for his crimes. Tony’s fearless company BME is still operating and getting contracts and Tony is traveling around the world without any fear.

The illegal arms trade is a severe threat to mankind and will continue to disturb the peace, causing violence in the world. EU should levy more stringent laws on global arms trade so that shrewd people like Tony can be stopped in their self-seeking motives.

Chief Editor