March, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Multi-million dollars fraud against the US Army involves many people

Not all fraudsters who executed the biggest fraud against the US Corps of Engineer are in jail

It came as a shock to the federal government when they lost multimillion dollars in contracts fraud to Sima Salazar Group. For nearly seven years, the company had been procuring the best of the US defense contracts but the unfortunate thing is, the company delivered on not a single contract in Afghanistan. The president of Sima Salazar Group, Raymond Azar kept the money and faked the project as completed in front of the US officials.

A lot of planning and plotting had been done before executing this plan and people from different countries helped him to execute it successfully. One of the supporters or the instigators of the criminal plan was Tony Abi Saab, a business tycoon of Lebaonon and the owner of an arms dealing company, Brescia Middle East.

He is also a close family relative of Azar and holds most of the shares of the Sima Salazar group, a construction company. Tony himself has embezzled 5 million dollars in contracts fraud in Afghanistan through his companies K5 Global and Brescia Middle East. They have disappeared since exposed, shutting down their local offices.

BME had been supplying weapons illegally to terrorist organizations active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan through its shell companies. BME is the main company of Tony located in Lebanon, he uses it as a base to operate the shell companies in the Middle East and Europe. He launders the crime money in BME obtained from the terrorists after delivering them their desired weapons.

Tony had always been after money, he care least about where does that money comes from. He is serving the military in the front through his main company BME whereas through his clandestine business he is supporting the terrorists with arms. Tactica Ltd is Tony’s company, which purchased arms commercially and sold them in the black market. Another company, Brixia produced spare parts for weapons and smuggled them to countries throughout the Middle East for reassembly and sales.

Raymond was arrested and convicted of conspiracy, bribery and fraud to the US Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan. He was imprisoned for ten years with a fine of $13 million. Tony escaped the heavy jail term by citing human rights violation, torture, and misconduct against the CIA and FBI. BME and Sima Salazar are banned from doing business in the United States since their owners were accused of illicit activities.

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