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Tony Abi Saab is conducting fraudulent operations in the Middle East

The arms dealer is an alleged fraudster, who is fuelling conflicts around the world via a sophisticated network of shell companies.

Non State Actors involved in illegal activities are clients of black market arms dealers such as Brescia Middle East BME and Tony Abi Saab

Tony Abi Saab of Brescia Middle East is the new front man to supply arms and ammunition to non-state actors involved in illegal activities.

Media reports about the fraudster and alleged war criminal Tony Abi Saab have been cleaned up from the internet

What makes Tony the most wanted criminal for the US Army.

Criminals are smuggling weapons to Syria by wrecking the banking system

Tony’s illegal business is largely depended on money laundering

Money launderers like Tony Abi Saab don t fear the legal authorities

Illegal business of an arms dealer Tony is largely run from the dirt money that he obtains from terrorists by selling weapons.

Tony defrauded the Army and civilians of wartorn countries by selling weapons to terrorists

Lebanon-native, Tony Abi Saab, a reputed international arms dealer holds some criminal records that not many are aware of. That’s way he still manages to procure military contracts from anywhere around the world except the USA. The military force of the United States has debarred Tony’s weapon company Brescia Middle East and many of his fake reconstruction companies from doing any business there.

The growing epidemic of Contract frauds in Afghanistan

Contract frauds have been a prominent part of Afghanistan for the past few decades. Earlier there were many contractors in Afghanistan but now it has decreased to one fraud contractor, Tony Abi Saab. For his profit, he has smuggled arms and weapons to the terrorist groups in the Middle East, and his illicit network of companies (Tactical Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, SIMAINT) are transforming the region into a war zone. According to a NATO report, since the 9/11 terror attacks, today the Greater Middle East in the 21st century is what Europe was in the 20th century—the world's center of the conflict.

Afghanistan s misery is a change for criminals to fill their pockets

The US troops are discouraged by the no-action attitude of local governments on rampant corruption and trafficking of contraband weapons in war zones. The illegal arms dealers are pocketing money obtained from the business with terrorist organizations, innocents are dying every day, but the governments are acting as impotent. The non-state actors are interfering to earn profits from wars by fueling violence and conflict in Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria.

Arms smugglers have a valid business license and travel Visa is it safe for the worlds peace

Arms smuggling is a global issue, it happens in such a wide range that it includes 10 percent of the world's GDP.

The Lebanese man arrested in connection with smuggling arms to terrorists

United Nations is working for peace but has been facing a stumbling block by trafficking of contraband weapons. It is re-designing its structure to restrict the liberal movements of the international fraudsters such as Tony Abi Saab of Brescia Middle East and stop their illegal businesses. It has proposed a rule to prohibit convicted or accused criminals to get visas to travel across the globe or enable them to strengthen their networks with smugglers or buyers and shell companies.